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Punched items

made of elastomer and thermoplastics

Product range

We therefore do not provide standard products for standard applications, but specific products which need to be adapted to specific requirements. On the basis of our experience in this area, we would like to offer our extensive services as qualified partner with clean and compatible versions of well-tried and reliable products. Besides specific products, with our laboratory programme and range of sealing items with vulcanised fluorine films (PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE) we provide a supply of standardised items which are specified in price lists and stocked generously.

Our products are made of the following materials:

CR Control box seals; protective caps; diaphragms with and without PTFE for oxygen pressure reducers;seal bags; sandwich bearings; expansion bags; lip profiles for bottle turners.
CSM Flap valve seals; acid hoses.
ECO Seals for transformer baking ovens.
EPDM Gaskets for stainless steel screwed pipe-connections; artificial vaginas for insemination equipment; coupler sockets for inhalation devices; reducing rings for drink machines; spacers for heat exchangers, helical hoses for diagnostics units; conical rings for laboratory filters; seal plugs for luminaires; chamber profiles for commercial washing machines, sleeves.
FKM Frames for thermal baths; seals for injection pipes; disc valve seal rings; solvent hoses; conical sleeves.
FMQ Expansion elements for thermostats; carburettor diaphragms.
IIR Blood culture plugs with or without PTFE for test sera; diaphragms for biofermenters; septs.
LSR Catheter brakes; compression seals; sealing rings; plugs.
NBR Diaphragms with fabric lining and PTFE for polyurethane casting machines; vent valves; strain relief sleeves ; gas regulating diaphragms; bellows for metering units.
NR Conical laboratory plugs; ligature rings; hose connectors for Redon drainage systems; thread guiding plugs; sealing rings for suture material bottles; vacuum displays; laboratory hoses, balls for injection pieces; reflux valves; diaphragms for drainage presses.
PA Discs for air valves; support rings.
PE Slip-on caps for vacuum systems; foamed PE as closing elements in combination with porous PTFE films; holders for micro-surgical needles.
PNR Dampers for industrial sewing machines.
PTFE Vulcanised on elastomers as sealing washers for pharmaceutical drugs, test sera and fine chemicals; porous PTFE as inserts with degassing and ventilation function.
PUR Bump stops; friction wheels.
PVC Cutting connectors; drip chamber SAN triple connectors for tube systems in medical engineering.
SBR Despiking brushes; hinge bases; separating plates for photo developing tanks; contact caps n.
TR Cuttable universal connectors for drainage systems; drain hoses for drink dispensers.
VMQ Ventilation mushroom valves; autoclave seals; medical hoses; puncture sites for implantable ports; instrument holders; eyeball lenses; surgical pads; soldering iron scrapers; window profiles; connectors for dialysis systems; flapper valves; valve plates for infusion collectors.

If we have aroused your interest or you already have specific requirements, then please fill in the request form here.

Polymer abbreviations:

ABS | Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
ASA | Acrylonitrile-styrene acrylic ester
BR | Butadiene rubber
CO | Epichlorhydrin rubber
CR | Chloroprene rubber
CSM | Chlorsulfonated polyethylene
EAM | Ethylene vinyl acetate rubber
ECO | Epichlorhydrin rubber
EP | Epoxide
EPM/EPDM | Ethylene propylene rubber
ETFE | Ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
EVA | Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer
FEP | Perfluoroethylene-propylene copolymer
FKM | Fluoro rubber
FMQ | Fluoro silicone rubber
IR | Isoprene rubber
IIR | Butyl rubber
LSR | Liquid silicone
MBS | Methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene copolymer
NBR | Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber
NR | Natural rubber
PA | Polyamide
PAN | Polyoacrylnitrile
PB | Polybutylene, Polybutene
PBTP | Polybutylene terephthalate
PC | Polycarbonate
PE | Polyethylene
PES | Polyethylene terephthalate
PETP | Polyethylenterephthalat
PFA-TFA | Polyfluoralkoxy copolymer
PI | Polyimide
PIB | Polyisobutylene
PNR | Polynorbornene
PP | Polypropylene
PS | Polystyrene
PSU | Polysulfone
PTFE | Polytetrafluorethylene
PVAC | Polyvinyl acetate
PVC | Polyvinyl chloride
PVDF | Polyvinylidene fluoride
PVF | Polyvinyl fluoride
Q=SI | Classification code for silicone rubber
SAN | Stryrene-acrylonitrile copolymer
SB | Styrene-butadiene copolymer
SBR | Styrene-butadiene rubber
TM | Thioplast
TOR | Trans-Polyoctenamer
TR | Thermoplastic rubber
VMQ | Silikone rubber

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