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Punched items

made of elastomer and thermoplastics

Pharmacy technology

Mass-produced articles such as infusion tube connectors, cartridge discs, infusion tubes, infusions discs, infusion plugs, piston plugs etc. are not part of our product range.

We manufacture accessories made of rubber or thermoplastic elastomers for disposable medical systems, medical-technical devices and pharmaceutical packaging.

Irrespective of whether body fluids are to be drained, solvents or medication are to be supplied or packed or even in the event of an implant, we provide products of elastomer materials designed specifically for systems involving sealing elements and injection options and with the corresponding certification for their inspections.

In most cases the products are designed to meet specific requirements and manufactured only to order with the effect that they are unable to be sold to third parties.

The type of production to be used is determined during the development phase. Moulded articles, extruded products and punched items are all options. Of course we always try to provide functional models at reasonable prices during the trial phase.

If we have aroused your interest or you already have specific requirements, then please fill in the request form here.

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