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Punched items

made of elastomer and thermoplastics


Within the field of analytics and other related areas of application such as chemistry, fine chemistry, pharmacy, laboratory science, etc., it is vital that sealing systems are used for packaging which do not react with the packed goods or the samples to be examined.

The solution we have to offer here are seals (septs) of high-grade basic compositions and coated with a fluorine film on one or both sides. The elastomer facilitates sealing, if necessary in combination with a gas seal as in the application of butyl, and the fluorine film, due to its inert behaviour, forms together with the liquid-repellent surface the contact surface for the inserted medium without reacting with it. Possible basic elastomers are butyl (IIR), EPDM, NBR, CR, natural rubber (NR) and silicone (VMQ). PTFE, ETFE, FEP and PFA can be used as fluorine films. The thickness of the seals is between 1 and 3 mm.

Within this dimension range there are some standard combinations which are continuously in demand and stocked up accordingly. Special combinations are possible as customised products in minimum quantities. Seal inserts without fluorine coating can be used for less critical applications. In most cases flat punched items of plate materials are used in the form of discs and rings. It is usually not possible to coat multi-dimensional moulded bodies since the films' plasticity is limited considerably.

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