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Punched items

made of elastomer and thermoplastics

Moulded items

A vulcanisation tool is required for manufacturing items of complex shapes or if high demands are imposed on tolerances of pre-fabricated parts.

Various manufacturing concepts

There are Various manufacturing concepts available for manufacturing items in an ideal way, depending on the size and complexity of the item concerned in combination with the required quantity.

Using conventional tools for the simple compression procedure results in relatively low tool costs at somewhat higher part prices, whereas the use of modern injection moulds results in lower part prices, however at clearly higher tool costs.

A middle course is steered with transfer moulding (TM). The process used for some items, for example if inserts are to be bonded to rubber or fabric lining is required, is determined right from the start.

The range of available items is multifold. Since manufacturing depends on specific tools it is quite often performed in a customised and order-oriented manner.

We have described our general orientation on the main page and our product overview offers a rough overview of our capabilities. The elastomers used for production are also compiled there.

If we have aroused your interest or you already have specific requirements, then please fill in the request form here.


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