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Punched items

made of elastomer and thermoplastics

Septs and punch items

Closing elements for containers which have to be punctured frequently for examination purposes are summarised under this term. Good eclosability is important for this function, as well as a material which does not react with the examined substance. The septs are mainly punched out of plate material manufactured either by means of compression moulding or continuously with a calender and subsequent AUMA vulcanisation.

The process mentioned last enables economic manufacturing, but on the basis of large quantities. In order to meet the desired requirements, high-grade recipes have to be used as rubber mixtures, quite often in combination with fluorine coatings, to ensure absolutely faultless evaluation. Detailed information is specified elsewhere under the key word Analytics. If we have aroused your interest or you already have specific requirements, then please fill in the request form here.

Photo gallery - septs

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